Point of Sale System- POS Server


Point of Sale POS Sales and Inventory System

Live demo: http://pos.posserver.com
username owner, password 12345678

Our pos is web based and compatible with any ios, android or windows internet capable device you may check the demo at pos.posserver.com (username owner,password 12345678) this is a multibranch/store POS so clients can add unlimited business and create records separately for only $240 (12,000 pesos).

PHP/jQuery based web application that allows you to manage your sales and inventory on site.

Update your stock information, make purchases and view sales data from anywhere whether in the office, at home, in the warehouse, or on the go. All you need to access this a device with internet connection.

With overview & best seller charts, latest 5 (sales, quotes, purchases & transfers)

Standard, combo and digital products, add, edit, delete & view (wan reports), print barcodes & labels, import by csv, adjust quantity and update bulk price.


Add, edit, delete & view sales,

(multiple add, edit, delete & prints), expenses (add, edit, delete & prints), and add purcahse by csv file
*Transfers Transfer products in warehouses, add, edit, delete & view transfers, with status and add by csv file
to it

Add staff users and related actions, Billers (seihogeo), Customers & Suppliers with import by csv option.
Notifications Staff & customer notifications option Settings
System settings to easily set correct settings as you need, option to manage logo, currencies, categories, variants, customer groups, tax rates, warehouses, email templates, group permissions, backups and updates.

Overview and warehouse stock chart, product quantity and expiry alerts, daily, monthly, custom sales, payments, profit and/or loss, purchases, categories, customers, suppliers and staff reports Multi-lingual, Calendar, Calculator and much more with detailed documentation.

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1 year license key

Published on: January 26, 2018