MMM Clone Script P2P Manager Script


MMM p2p Manager Script

Username: admin
Password: 123456

Members can register with/without a referer.
Registration can be set to use ticket system or not
You can set various plans
You can accept payment in bitcoin or cash
Earning calculator
You can set using DownPayment / Admin Fee or not. This can be used for re-commitment purposes.
Details button on pending transactions for members to get more details on whom they’ve been matched with.
Members can contact each other before making payments.
Confirm transfer and approve proof of payment.
After GH is completed, members can re PH, etc.
Ticket system using the Balance / nominal Figures / Balance. So it is simple and can transfer your ticket member. Tickets not shaped Codes
Transactions can be made either in Bitcoin or local currency or both via Bank, FasaPay or Perfect Money.
Equipped SMS Gateway system.
Easy and complete Admin Panel
Features Print Transaction Data
Messages between PH and GH
Details of referrals and referrals can see transaction data
Three (3) commission types. Sponsor Commission, Level Commission and Manager Commission. Can be switched off/on
Username Affiliate Member
Features Anti Hit and Run
Limit PH and GH Every Day, Week and Month
Ticket System
DP System
Manager System

Download content:
Script & SQL zip file
English install manual

Published on: January 26, 2018