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Published on: January 28, 2018
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Java Flex/HTML5 Poker Engine v1.5 is a complete Texas Holdem Poker Software
The package will include the following components:
– Server Engine Java source Socket/Websocket compatible
– Bot Engine Java source server socket (eclipse + Java JDK)
– PolicyServer for Flash multiplayer connections (java source + binary)
– Client Flex source (flex/flash builder)

Complete Multiplayer Texas Holdem Poker Room
High Server performance with Java Nio Socket using Apache Mina
WebSocket compatible Server
Admin Bot Manager web panel
Web Panel in order to manage Players/Tables/Agents/Bots/Revenues
Web Panel in order to manage Admin/Agent/SubAgent Revenue Manager
Java, PHP and Flash Action Script
Java JDK 8+
Adobe Flash Action Script
PHP 5.2+
Mysql 5.6+
The package will include the following directories:


flex client source

you need to open it using flash builder adjust it according with your system and publish it.
on your remote server in the same root of the swf remember to configure the file config.txt that contains the following strings:


– flexpoker is the core game engine
use eclipse or a tool in order to import java project (libs contains all the libraries used in the project)
compile it and create the .jar
replace the same jar in example directory and use it in your production
conf/ contains all the configuration

download relative libraries from poker libs

– policyserver
is important to let flash swf working in remote
use example directory to start it. should work like it is

– poolbot
Bot players engine
active this and manage bots in admin panel
conf/ contains all the configuration

download libraries from poolbot libs

Web panel
– web
1. put the content under your production server
2. import flexpoker.sql or use /install
3. configure database under includes/remotedbconn.php
4. update settings adding your domain name site


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