Bitcoin Doubler Script V2


Bitcoin Doubler Script V2

Live demo:

Unlimited curency – With our system you can add new crypto coin on the fly & this step take you only 10 second after compiled your new wallets
Notification – at each step of your wallet activity you will receive notifications
Captcha Registration – stop spammer register abusively on your website
Cold Wallet – manage your wallets from remote secure server
Balance implementation – as soon the coin is activated , you can see it automaticaly listed in the main balance
Secure Live Chat – Allow your visitor to see the chat log without let them post a message
Vote system – allow your users (with miniumum balance) to vote for new coin
API Integration – allows you to retreive data information about all trades durning a specified periodapi.php?pair=DOGE-LTC&range=month
Security – Anti double spend attack, HTTPS integration, backdoor free

Download content:
Script & SQL zip file
English install manual

Published on: January 26, 2018